Christmas Day!


I hope that everyone truly had a Merry Christmas. We sure did here in our home. It was nice, relaxing, and slow paced. Kind of a nice change from the usual hustle and bustle associated with Christmas. We started out the morning around 7:30. My parents, siblings, and Grandma decided to stay up so that they could see a bit of our Christmas morning via Skype. This is one of the few times that a nine hour time difference actually worked in our favor! I am so glad they were able to be apart of our day even from afar!

Our present opening was kind of slow paced, but it was nice that way. We had the girls open their stockings from Santa and then gifts from my Grandma, siblings, and parents while they watched. Then we said our good byes to them and let the girls play for a bit while we gathered up some of the recycle and garbage. After that they got to open their gift from Mr. and I and the one from their sisters. This year I picked out the gift from the sisters, too, but I think next year I will take each girl shopping on her own and let them pick out gifts for each other. 🙂 While the girls played with those new toys for a bit Mr. and I opened the gifts we had gotten each other. I got him a really cool Seahawks sweatshirt. He had been eyeing one similar from a college team and wanted the UW version. However, that doesn’t exist but when I stumbled across the Seahawks version I knew it would be perfect. I am glad! He loves it! He also got some new books one of which is a Bride and Groom cooking book. He is always wanting to cook with me and I tend to shoo him out of the kitchen, but now we can have regular date nights where we cook something together! Should be a lot of fun!

I have to say, though, he definitely out did me! He got me some really sweet, thoughtful gifts! One of them is a Soda Stream!! It is a really neat machine that carbonates water and there are all sorts of flavorings you can then add. My dear friend Tisha got one last year for Christmas and he had remembered this WHOLE year that I thought it was really neat and got me my own! I tried it out today and it works great! I am excited to try lots of new flavors!! As well, he bought me some beautiful paintings of some places in Germany. Two of the three are places we’ve already been and the third is a place we are planning to go to soon!  And he also got me two pieces of Polish Pottery. I have been told that is something that you can’t leave a tour in Germany with out AND also something I really love! I would have NEVER thought to ask him for any of those things, but he still knew that I would love them more than anything I could have ever asked for! He is a great gift giver!!

After that we let the girls open their gifts from Mr.’s Dad and sisters. They had a big joint gift which was a bunch of Brio Train things! They were SO excited. So of course, then, we proceeded to play with that for a while longer. Eventually I started brunch and we ate, all got showered, cleaned up the house and found homes for new toys, and really just played the day away! The girls got a good selection of new movies so we watched a couple of those this afternoon while Baby napped. It was just a nice day. I love that we got to spend it together and spend it stress free! I feel very blessed! Anyways! Enough rambling! Here are some photos from our day!

Running out to see what Santa brought!

I’ve been waiting all year to see this face. 🙂 Shenzi finally has her family. Bug’s little heart is now complete! 😉

My sweet little hyena-lover.

This was the view for the majority of the day! This sweet little girl rarely left her doll house!

Love her sweet imagination. 🙂

Bug was being so sweet and showing Baby what Santa left for her!

Baby was more excited about getting a turn to sit on Rudolph since her big sisters were pre-occupied!

Time for stockings!

KinderEggs = Best Stocking Stuffers EVER!!!

Yay for KinderEggs!

Baby didn’t waste any time.

Our morning quickly became a game of ‘keep the KinderEggs away from Baby!’

Baby is just so helpful.

Baby’s super cool Car Tower from Grammy and Papa!

Princess LOVES her ‘baby ‘punzel’ from Grandma Judi Lunchbox!

Life of Christmas Morning while an ocean away! Skype all setup up for the extended family to join in in all the fun!

Train set from Grandpa IceCream and Aunties!! I’m not going to lie, I think Mr.and I secretly wanted this for ourselves. 😉 We may have had more fun playing and setting up trains than the girls. haha

Daddy showing Bug how it is done!

A moment of semi-peaceful playing before Hurricane Baby struck and destroyed the rail system.

One of the beautiful pieces of polish pottery that Mr. bought me along with the gorgeous paintings! I can’t wait to frame and hang them!

And quite possibly my favorite toy this Christmas… 🙂


To see the full Album of Christmas photos click HERE!





















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