Merry Christmas!


Well, now that it is all said and done I can announce to the world that Mr.’s 23rd day of advent was a BIG one! He just got a sweet little note and some candy in the morning. However, he was in for a big surprise!! I picked him up from work to whisk him away for a night away — just the two of us! Not only that, but I coordinated for him to be able to leave work a tad early too! We headed off to the beautiful city of Köln (Cologne) yesterday evening and had a blast. The Dom (cathedral) was literally breath taking. I cannot wait to share more about the trip with everyone! For now, you can view my photo album here! I just don’t have time, being that it is Christmas Eve, to really to a post on Köln justice!

Until then, here are a few little nuggets from earlier in our day yesterday!

A few days ago I taught the girls how to play ‘Red Light! Green Light!’ Our long hallway is the perfect place for it! They love to play it together now… even if they don’t quite understand how it works!

By the way… see the shirt sticking out from Bug’s jammie shirt? She likes to wear her clothes to bed, but Mr. had insisted she wear jammies. So she did the only thing a stubborn 4 year old can do. She wore her jammies over her clothes. What a stinker!

Princess’ turn!

Green Light!

Red Light!

This is probably the best picture I’ve ever taken and it was a complete accident. I wish I knew what I did! 🙂 None the less, I cannot wait to eat some of these little gems tonight! My Mom’s gingersnap recipe dipped in white chocolate! Yummy in my tummy!

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! We have so much fun in store with friends and family! I cannot wait!





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