Christmas Fun!


So, last night we finally did get around to the fun Christmas-ness-y stuff I had been hoping we would. It was chaotic. We only did a few of the things i had in mind, but it was a lot of fun! I feel like next year I just need to do a better job at spreading my craft/family night ideas out instead of cramming them all into one night. Oops!

Princess fell asleep on the couch during quiet time. She will NOT nap anymore. If I put her in her room to take a nap she will create havoc. If I let her ‘stay up’ and watch a movie she will usually crash at some point and take a decent length nap. Go figure!

Her response to our attempts to wake her up.

Little yawns are the cutest thing ever.

Princess is like her Mama. She likes to wake up on her own terms and being awoken by others does not bring out the best in her!

Can you blame her for being upset when this is the ‘wake up committee?’

Good thing that no matter how rude the wakening was, it happened to be from one of her favorite people in the world. Sweet, sweet sisters. All if forgiven.

And she up and ready to go!

Love my Bug!

This kid has the best bed head! This is a normal, every day look for Baby!

We had pizza for dinner (yum!) and then we were ready for some Christmas fun! We blasted our Christmas music and the madness began….

Bug working on her hand print tree!

Daddy helping Baby!

So much fun!

Our second project of the night! Each of us is a thumb-print reindeer for this year’s Christmas family photo!

Baby taking advantage of getting to color with the big girls and ‘double fisting’ to create her masterpieces!

The girls working together on the sticker projects that Grammy sent!

Last but not least it was GingerBread Man time! My Aunt Debi brought these for the girls on her last visit and they have been anxiously awaiting the night we got to decorate them!

Yeah, she is licking her chops. Also featured is the ‘tattoo’ Daddy drew on Baby when Mommy wasn’t looking. Thank the Lord for washable markers. Not sure why I ever wonder where my girls get the idea to color themselves rather than there papers?!

Working on their Gingerbread Men!

To view the rest of the album click HERE.

What a fun night! I think we are officially ready for Christmas! Mr. just has one day of work (today) standing between us and a 3-day mini-vacation for Christmas! I am so excited! We have all sorts of fun things planned and I can’t wait to share it all with you!




















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