Our Weekend/ Cohem adventure!


I am sure I have mentioned a million times this month so far that I am doing an advent calendar for Mr. It has been so hard for me not to share more because I have had some exciting things planned. I didn’t want to risk him getting the scoop from my blog, though, so everyone has had to wait and be surprised along with him. When Sarah and I stumbled across the idea we started out with some small ideas and it quickly snow balled. It has been so much fun to spoil and surprise Mr.!

Friday night I had lined up our babysitter again and was able to surprise Mr. with another date night! I love our girls and sharing the adventures with them, but goodness it is sure nice to get out and about with out them! We ended up double-dating with our good friends Luke and Brittany. We went to an Argentinian restaurant down town called Maredo that was amazingly delicious. We had a play we were planning to see, but we had extra time and so we ended up walking around the Christmas Market (since the restaurant is located in the market actually) and enjoying some Gluhwein and Chocolate waffles! Well, we ended up getting really lost trying to find the playhouse and so we ended up arriving about 10 minutes late. Well, there was NO one there and no way to sneak in late so we didn’t end up getting to go. Instead we spent the rest of our evening at the Entertainment Center on post which was a lot of fun!

Saturday, though, I had even BIGGER things planned for Mr. We were going away to Cohem for a night with out the kids!!! We haven’t had a night away since I was pregnant with Baby and it was so hard not to spill the beans and tell him ahead of time. Luke and Brittany had offered months ago to keep the girls for us for a night and so I had taken them up on their offer! (Thank you cannot even begin to express how I feel about it!) We went on our adventure to Cohem with Randy and Sarah! Their anniversary is actually early next week so I thought it was pretty nice of them to want to celebrate it with us! We had a lot of fun! Unfortunately my camera broke (AGAIN!) early on the trip. I did get lots of pictures, but a good amount of these i have to give credit to Sarah for! So thankful we were with them! This is the second time this year my camera has broke. I seriously have THE worst luck. I think we are going to invest in a much more expensive, nice camera sometime this week.

The girls being sweet before we left! They were so excited to go to Luke and Brittany’s house! They just adore their dog Tiger (and Luke and Brittany too)!

We arrive a few hours before we could check in to our hotel so we decided to spend some time at the castle in town called the Reichsburg!

Closer view of the castle from afar!

Our group! The boys clearly loved taking pictures. They also limited Sarah and I to 5 ‘selfies’ a day! haha

Walking up towards the castle.

We had no idea, but we ended up taking the scenic route. And by scenic route I mean we had a really nice, long hike to get there!

While it may have been a long (and grueling) hike to the castle it sure was pretty to walk through the German countryside!

Getting closer to the castle!

When we arrived at the castle we were able to get on a tour which was basically like a walking play of the Christmas Story! It was really neat! It was all in German so it was a little difficult to understand, but since we are familiar with the story we could get the just of what was happening and it was still very enjoyable!

Mary and Joseph looking for room in the Inn.

The guard of the city gate!

The Shepards.

The Angel of the Lord telling the Shepards that Christ has been born!

The 3 Wise Men.

The whole Nativity put together at the end.

After the Christmas Story tour we were able to visit the Christmas Market that was located in a square of the castle. It was only a few booths, but it was still yummy and we enjoyed some Gluhwein together there.

Sarah and I at the castle Christmas Market!

Mr. and I at the Castle Christmas Market!

I loved these! So pretty!



Breathtaking views of Cohem and the Mosel from Reichsburg!

Inside the Christmas Market at Reichsburg!



Another view from Reichsburg!

Beautiful mosaic at Reichsburg.

After visiting the castle we headed down town and explored the Christmas Market for a bit at which point my camera broke! So disappointing! We sampled yummy food, though, and then headed back to check it at our hotel which was amazing! We relaxed and visited for a while and then headed out to dinner and a night on the town! After dinner we went back to the Christmas Market to find it all closed down at 7pm on a Saturday night! We were really surprised! I think Cohem is more of a summer tourist destination. Anyways! There was a large tented area in the market where a good group of people were still hanging out and there was a man preforming some music! SO we enjoyed some dessert and Gluhwein there for a while. Eventually we moved on and found this really awesome little Irish Pub! We hung out there for a while and watched the end of a Soccer Match before heading back to the hotel. We joked that we were all getting old because I think we turned in before 9pm! We had all been up late the night before, though, so I think we were all pretty tired! I really loved that we were there during an off-season for travel so it really felt like we were just mingling with the locals. It was a truly neat, once-in-a-life-time experience. While I definitely enjoying seeing the ‘bigger’ tourist destinations and experiencing the historical side of things I think I love just experiencing normal German life even more so. It is so much fun to just explore another culture! And German culture is definitely a fun one!

Cohem at night! It was such a magically town to walk through. So many secret alley-walk-ways, cobblestone on every road. It was unreal.

Our hotel! It was wonderful! Our rooms were on the top floor over looking the river! It was incredible!

View from our room!

Enjoying some Gluhwein with Mr. at the Christmas Market!

Morning rolling in over The Mosel River!

Another incredible view from our room!

Can you see Randy, Andy, and myself poking out the windows? 🙂 We had WAY too much fun with these windows. This morning Randy serenaded Cohem with ‘The Sound of Music’ from his window. There was definitely never a dull moment between Randy and Mr.! They are the perfect pair. 😉

These are just some of my favorite pictures from our trip! If you want to see more you can view the entire album HERE on our new photo sharing website on Shutterfly.
































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